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Women's Services Pricing

Women's Services
Hair Cut (Blow Dry included)
Blow Dry with Round Brush
Style with Hot Tools

Women's Haircuts

Our experience providing women’s haircuts is sure to give you stylish tresses!

Gorgeous, healthy looking hair is the best jewelry a woman can wear.

A variety of elegant, romantic, boyish or conservative haircuts gives our clients an opportunity to find an amazing look which can advantageously underline your facial features. A single haircut can give you the options of various hairstyles.

Customized haircuts are one of our most in-demand services at Solaris Hair Salon in Willow Grove, PA. When our stylists are creating a new look for you, we always pay close attention to the details and our client desires.

Long Haircuts

Long haircuts allow women to look fabulous with the most stylish and feminine of hair.

Longer haircuts can allure men or be styled for a variety of activities. Long haircuts require special care, including regular trims to avoid split ends.

Usually long haircuts are created on cascade base or layers with a long side swept bang.

Medium Haircuts

Medium haircuts can be very creative. Medium length hair gives you a lot of possibilities to style and shape the hair.

You can change the appearance of your face and head shape, or even adjust your height and body proportions, all through a medium haircut.

There is a variety of medium length bobs, which can be an asymmetrical or even. Blanding, calibration, styling and highlights, lowlights and perms - all these techniques can be used to create a sexy, medium length style.

Short Haircuts

Short haircuts are very in-demand nowadays.

For the modern woman, it is a very convenient haircut because it does not take a long time to style it in the morning and you can restyle it easily during the day.

Shorter haircuts provide a woman with variability - you can start with conservative office look during the day, and finish with more romantic style in the evening.

If you are deciding on your first short haircut, pay attention to your facial features and a hair texture as these can help enhance the look. Our stylists will help you create balanced and visually pleasing hairstyle.

Curly Hair

Curly hair can sometimes be capricious and more fragile, but if proper home and salon hair care is provided, a curly mane can look amazing!

Here at Solaris Hair Salon, we are experienced with all types of hair. Our professional team, which we believe is one of the best in Willow Grove and the entire Philadelphia suburbs, will help you create your personal look according to you desires and the latest fashion trends!

Men's & Boy's Services Pricing

Men's & Boy's Services
Regular Haircut
Buzz Cut
Long Hair (Cut or Trim)
Senior Citizens
Beard Trim

Men's Haircuts

Our variety of men’s haircuts is a great opportunity for you to find your own personal style!

Solaris Hair Salon in Willow Grove, PA is a great place for quality men’s haircuts.

After being in business for many years, we meet our clients’ needs with a service backed by extensive experience. With a growing knowledge of cutting-edge techniques, we can create styles that exceed client’s expectations.

Solaris Hair Salon offers a variety of haircuts and hairstyles for any age or occasion - anything from a buzz cut to longer haircuts. We are conveniently located in the Philadelphia suburbs and we will always find the haircut which suits you perfectly.

Buzz, Burr, or Butch Cut

Each of these cuts requires the same basic technique; the difference in obtaining this look is only in clipper size. Varying from #00000 to #3.75, the hair is cut using a single size of clipper to have all the hair cut at the same length (usually 1/8 inch or shorter).

Businessman’s Haircut

This term describes a conservative, shorter haircut.

This hairstyle is made by tapering the cut on the back and sides, with a longer length left on top of the head. Hair above the ears and near the hairline is cut with clipper #3.75. Typically, the hair length in this area can be 1/2 inch in length and then gradually faded using shears up to two inches long on the top. The back can be tapered or cut straight across.

This haircut allows for various hairstyles and parting options from either side or pushed straight back. Styling products will help finish the individual look.

Flat Top

For this cut, the hair on the sides and back are usually cut in a short taper. The hair on the top is cut by blow drying it straight up and then cut to the desired length with a special comb to make a very flat appearance.

High and Tight (Military haircuts)

The sides and back of this haircut are extremely short, either clipped almost to the skin or shaved with a razor all the way up to the crown of the head. The top of this haircut is very short, as well.

Long Haircut

A long haircut can be cut at one length, to trim the dead ends, or made with layers.

Bowl Haircut

Also known as a “pot cut” or “mushroom cut”, the bowl cut has a distinct look. The hair is cut short on the back and sides of the head as if someone put a ‘bowl’ on the head and cut the hair hanging below it.

Medium Haircut

Medium haircuts come in a variety of lengths and shapes: from the classic taper to modern texture. Check with your stylist for available variations.

Wedge Haircut

Also known as the “Temple Fade” or “Brooklyn Fade”, this is a hairstyle that gained popularity in early 2000s.

The hair is faded at the hairline from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. The rest of the hair at the top is left the same length, usually 1-2 inches depending on the preferences of the client.

Always discuss your haircut with your stylist. If you have a specific style in mind (such as a traditional crew or buzz cut), feel free to request it but understand these styles can be interpreted slightly differently from one stylist to another, so be as specific as possible. It isn’t the haircutting instruments that matter, it is only the final result that is most important.

We invite you to come to Solaris Hair Salon in Willow Grove, PA and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, great quality haircuts, professional care, and the best prices!