February Hair News Report: man braid, SAG awards show, hair and politics, what's the app, Justin Bieber and David Bowie and their hairstyles

The Man Braid

New year, new month - new trends. Ok, we survived the man-hair-fashion-menace, aka the “man bun”, but it seems that we got ourselves a new winner. 

Congratulations, ladies! The men have decided to add a little “viking” in their look now. Ta-da-da-dam… 

Enter the “man braid”.

Yes, it’s a braid on dudes and there are options: It can be wrapped around the head, braided on the top, or hanging from the neck (helloooo!.. Jedis or “Star wars” fashion never dies).  

It can be a combination of a man bun and a braid, which is, eh, a bit too much for my taste. 

The question is, however, is the braid gonna stick around like the bun or is its lifespan short? Well, the year is ahead of us so we will just have to wait and see.

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Red Carpet Hair Styles

Winter is an amazing time and not just because of Christmas, presents, or snow.

It’s also the Awards season. The SAG awards, the Golden Globes, and YES the most anticipated event of the year - the Oscars.

It’s the time when all the beloved movie and TV-series stars gather in one place, showing off their amazing dresses and suits, makeup, and of course hair.

Oh, the Red Carpet fever and the millions of hairdos on actors and actresses that become iconic and trendy,  disliked, or even hated but still talked about.

I love to see all these men and women every year with different hair. From short to long, buns to braids, straight to waves or curls, blonde to black, fringe to no-fringe, retro to modern, simple to really complex, and composed to extravagant you can see them all in just one event in one evening.

The SAG and the Golden Globes already added to the collection of amazing hairstyles that will be, no doubt, remembered and with the Oscars coming in just a few weeks I predict more grace and beauty.

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Hairstyle and Politics

Hair and politics. What do they have in common, you ask?

Experimenting with hair is about finding what you like on yourself. It’s also about stealing attention.

With the elections right ahead, politicians also use all they have in store to get attention. It’s like the Red carpet for the most influential and the look can say and get you a lot.

So, let’s see...

Donald Trump sticks to his terrible hair combed in different no less awful ways. Hillary Clinton knocks off others off the front page by going from locks to crops and short to longer all the while keeping it stiff and unmoving. Ted Cruz is forcibly straightening his curls and Bernie Sanders does nothing to conceal his baldness.

Sticking to the sides, dying, swooshing over, concealing or not - all these people may do it for various reasons, be it personal, political, rebellious desires, serious statements, or just simple laziness. One thing’s for sure - doing something or not - it sure draws attention.

But the million dollar questions is - can a haircut or hairdo help you win the presidential elections?

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“there is an app for that”

21st century is all about the tech and innovations. So no wonder that when speaking about hair, shoes, or makeup it all comes back to - guess again - technology.

Video tutorials from vloggers are still very popular but not since people became so obsessed with their phones. Sooo, what is it all about, you ask? I’ll tell you. Say, you don’t have a personal stylist, can’t afford one, or want to try out something way too far from your comfort zone and have doubts about actually doing it.

Not a problem.

There are apps now that you can install and try anything you like. Grow hair, cut hair, dye from blonde to, say, pink or velvet, go punk, go bald, get yourself a fringe, get rid of one… I myself did it the hard way and actually went from blonde to black, tried red, brown, and many other things.

Well, now with apps like Hair Color Booth or HairStyle Magic mirror virtually you can do anything you always wanted but were afraid or not ready to try.

The best thing is that you can go from one radical change to another in just a few minutes at the same time staying as you were. Isn’t this just amazing? Maybe I’ll do something myself. Say, dye it bright green?

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Justin Bieber changes his hairstyle

Remember that sweet Canadian boy who became a star singer in 2008? Well, it’s not Justin Bieber’s songs I am interested in, it’s his new look 2016.

Since the start of his career Justin has been really careful and thoughtful about his hair.

Of course, he tried things. A mohawk, shaved sides, longer, shorter, different shades of brown, and a bit of blonde added to the mix... but he never actually changed his hair color so radically.

This time he did.

It’s purple now and yes, people talk about it and will talk even more.

It’s not the why or for whom he did it or is it permanent, it’s how many people will do the same?

I sense a great hell of purple hair coming up this year.


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David Bowie and his hairstyles

David Bowie… A rock star, an actor, a man who changed his looks so many times that sometimes it’s hard to remember them all.

From long to short, red to blonde, straight to curls and waves, combed back or on the side of the face, then long again and short and again and again - simpler styles, crazy styles, styles that became iconic or were lost in time.

Looks that inspired men and women from all over the world, elements of which bled into other celebrities’ styles.

So many, so different - it’s hard to pick your favourite.

David Bowie. A name that everyone should know. A style icon that lived too little.

Rest in peace.

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