Hair News Report: Star Wars, Trump, The Walking Dead, Duchess Kate and their hairstyles

Here is the opening installment of our Hair News Report, where we will talk about notable Hair News: personalities, events and trends - and what we think about all that


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When speaking of Britain and hair, what is it that comes to mind?

Is it the dark curls of Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock or the more complicated looks of Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke on Game of thrones?

Sure, a certain group of people may be locked on their TV-favorites but everyone in Britain and beyond has eyes on Kate Middleton. Especially now that Kate has a new practical and more maternal look.

Not everyone may like the “lob”, as it’s been called, but surely anyone and everyone will talk about it.

After all, Kate may be a mom but she is still the Duchess of Cambridge.

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At the dusk of the year 2015, the two main thoughts on the street were: “Holy crap, I can't believe they are back!” and “Would you look at that girl's hair?”.

Of course I am talking about the much-anticipated, long-awaited return of the Star Wars franchise.

The hairstyle that we saw on the new girl Rey, played by amazing Daisy Ridley, was so simple yet beautiful, impressive and elegant.

Together with that stick and the outfit screamed “Star Wars” all over it.

Congratulations, stylists! Mission accomplished!

How could someone not like that? I, for one, love it. It’s not just the new girl and her triple bun that’s already out in the wild, but check out the “Leia” looks with Sofia Vergara and Carrie Fisher’s own daughter Billie Lourd.

With episode VIII already in motion, I’d say the Star Wars hysteria is back in action.

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No matter how hard we try to use less offensive words and mild expressions, everyone must realize that Donald Trump's hair is just hideous.

Awful, horrible, terrible, demonic, hazardous, and many other terms can be used to describe his hairstyle.

This may be okay if you are an ordinary man, but not when you are a Presidential Candidate!

His campaign may be great and his words may inspire people but with hair like this all previous wins become a huge fat loss.

Still, let’s give the man the benefit of the doubt, shall we? He may have a really good reason for his hairstyle which is not necessarily one of the gossipy versions like a bald spot or a scar from surgery.

Perhaps we just overlooked the obvious... Donald just likes it the way it is. I think that may be as good as a reason as any other.

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“Lauren Cohan cut her hair short. Oh my God, she’s gonna die”. That’s what you see now, when you read the latest scoop on “The Walking Dead”.

What do I think of this?

Well, I think hypothetically it can be true and along with many other theories that fans are pushing now could also be true or just completely wrooooong.

Maybe Lauren just wanted a change and they let her have it.

Maybe when you star in a post-Apocalyptic zombie-horror show where hot water or any water for that matter is a luxury. A girl having short hair is just more practical especially when you constantly find yourself in fights with zombie brains all over you.

Hell, maybe her husband wanted Maggie (Lauren’s character) to do it.

So, less panic for now and remember that Bella Talbot (Lauren’s character from Supernatural) died horribly and her long hair didn’t help her character much.

So it’s not about hair. It’s about whether or not it’s your time to leave. Long, short, or bald, you will still go if they want you to. So, there’s nothing to do here, just wait and see how it goes.

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“The man bun”. Sounds like a dirty movie to me. Just kidding, it’s not. It’s the 2015 man-gone-crazy look.

Do women like long hair in men and do they like that long shiny hair hidden in a bun? Some women do and others do not. But what is undeniable – that hairdo was and still is crazy popular with guys.

Do we have Jared Leto to thank for that? Brad Pitt? Or any other movie star? Don’t know.

But fact is, it’s gone global. It’s on the streets. There are instructions from professional stylists all over the Internet, videos, images, advice, and commentaries.

It’s a man bun boom and all there is left to do is to see what happens next.

Will 2016 still be a good year for the man bun or is there something else coming? We’ll see.

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New year – new hair.

According to stylists, forecast specialists, and just insightful people, 2016 will bring a lot of new and old-new hairstyles and hairdos.

In brief, it looks like the “natural” look is coming back with no more reds, blues, or pinks and no extravagance and screaming stuff.

There will also be waves, braids, and curls. Long hair is also making a return after the 2015 short hair year.

Hair accessories are also predicted to be a hit. Just as statement parts and many other things.

But these are just predictions and thoughts. No one really knows what style will rock the world this year. Even if everything above is correct, there may come another Daisy Ridley to steal the spotlight with her triple bun.

So, I am going with this – there will be surprises. What do you think?

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