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Massage Services Pricing

Swedish 60 Min
Tuina 60 Min / 90 Min
$60 / $90
Deep Tissue 60 Min
Shiatsu 60 min
Couples 60 Min


You have just arrived at the best resource there is for a selection of massage services in Willow Grove, PA.  Prepare yourself for what you can expect once you have arrived for a massage treatment here at Solaris Hair Salon that is second to none, and is going to provide you with many benefits through a most pleasant experience.

Which Massage Treatment is Best for You?

If you are new to massage therapy then you may not know which massage treatment to choose or which one is going to afford you the most benefits according to your present needs. No need to worry about this as our certified and experienced massage therapist is here to guide you with your choices.

Our expert in massage will develop a massage session that is based on the information that you will be asked to provide in order for us to serve you better. No matter whether it is stiff and sore muscles and joints that you suffer from, or whether you are just stressed out and need to relax, we have the perfect massage treatment waiting for you.

Who Does Massage Benefit?

Here at Solaris Hair we have had the pleasure of offering massage services to all types of clients that includes…

  • ·         CrossFitters
  • ·         Power Lifters
  • ·         Weight Lifters
  • ·         Exercise Enthusiasts
  • ·         Combat Sport Fighters including those participating in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai fighters as well as other martial arts enthusiasts
  • ·         Yoga instructors and Practitioners
  • ·         Dance instructors

And this is not an all-inclusive list. Our massage services encompass all walks of life and are most suitable for anyone that wants to experience the ultimate benefits that massage has to offer.

Our selection of massage services are most appropriate for the busy executives who just need to unwind after a hectic day at work, or need to be in top shape for that next important meeting.

They are ideal for the College and University students who have spent hours studying and need to feel relaxed while at the same time rejuvenated for those grueling exams that they are facing.

Then we haven’t forgotten about all those Moms out there that just need some “me time”. Our massage services that we offer here at Solaris Hair bring a great deal of comfort and relaxation to the Moms and Dads that need some time out from the big responsibility of caring for their children.

The Benefits of the Massage Services by Solaris Hair Salon of Willow Grove Pa.

Not only are our select massages ideal for handling many of the physical problems that come with daily living but they are also ideal as a preventative from the side effects of physical and mental trauma.

Massage helps to relax the body which is highly important for those that are going to participate in any type of physical activity. It helps to relieve stress so that individuals are able to compare their stress free state after massage to situations where their stress levels are beginning to rise.

  • ·         Our quality massages help to reduce your physical discomfort
  • ·         They help to put your body back in balance by stimulating the blood supply
  • ·         They help you to reduce potential injury by creating a relaxed muscular state
  • ·         They help you to eliminate the side effects that stress is placing on your body
  • ·         They allow you to enjoy some quality personal time while being pampered

Where Does True Quality Massage Begin?

Our massage services here at Solaris Hair begin the moment you call to book your appointment.

Our friendly and courteous staff will give your instructions on the best way to prep for your massage session. You may be advised as to what you should eat or should avoid eating prior to your massage treatment. What you consume prior to a massage treatment can have an impact on your level of enjoyment of your massage and we want your massage experience to be a most remarkable and unforgettable one.

Once you walk through our doors for your massage appointment, our friendly staff will be ready and waiting for you to prepare you for your upcoming and exciting massage experience.

It all begins with a wonderfully calming setting that is quiet and soothing. This is what you can expect when you enter our massage rooms.

Our massage services don’t end once your massage is completed. Our massage professional will instruct you on personalized follow up steps to further enhance your massage experience which will include what you should eat and drink.

Don’t Wait!

All too often even when individuals are well aware of what the wonderful benefits of massage are they keep putting it off. Now is the time for you to say Enough! I deserve some time to myself and I am ready to take advantage of Willow Grove’s most exceptional and affordable ultimate massage treatments being offered by Solaris Hair Salon.

So book your appoint NOW, simply by calling (215) 659-2962


Massage Services

Massage helps you recover from your busy life, rejuvenates and re-aligns you.

Need a little stress management, want to regroup for another week of athletic activities or just want to catch a break from all those household chores?

Call now to setup an appointment with our licensed Massage Therapist!

Traditional/Swedish Massage

We all live in a stressful world. Our bodies respond to challenges of the everyday life by producing stress hormones, that can negatively affect our well being by causing sleep problems, headaches, negative mood swings and other health issues. Relaxation massage helps to alleviate those and many other physical problems.

Massage improves mood and restores the body . 

Our massage room provides a calm and comforting environment, which in combination with the careful gentle pressure, rubbing and kneading of your body’s muscles and outer tissue layers will create complete relaxation for you.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but targets the deeper layers of muscles as well as tendons and fascia (a sheet of connective tissue covering or binding together body structures).

Deep tissue massage is known to increase blood flow throughout your body. It improves natural movement and range of motion and even can reduce or eliminate scar tissue. The following article outlines some benefits of massage therapy for athletes - The 5 benefits of Massage Therapy for the Serious Weightlifter

If you have question please feel free to talk with our professional massage therapist to see how the deep tissue massage therapy (or any other type that we provide) can benefit your health and well being. Call (215) 659-2962 or send us a message via email or our contact form.

Other types of massage we offer - Hot Stone, Deep tissue, Lomi Lomi Nui, Chair massage, Stone massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, 4 Hands massage, Couples massage, Tui Na (Asian Health and Bodywork), Chinese cupping, Thai massage

Just a couple of words on Reflexology - It Is Awesome! It’s relaxing, and makes your feet feel better, relieves foot pain and will give you an influx of endorphins.

Also, if you are naturally shy, Reflexology is a discrete and easy introduction into the world of massage.


Our Massage Therapist is professionally educated and meets all state and local licensing and insurance requirements.